Sunday, 27 April 2014


overall, jumpsuit, denim

This weeks hugely impractical purchase is this (AMAZING) denim jumpsuit/overall, a true impulse buy, but I love it (somewhat obsessively so in that I wore it three days running - don't judge me!). It's uber casual with sneakers for the day and a pair heels for the eve make me feel like I've made an effort, when really I am a) too comfy and b) too lazy to change.
I am definitely going to be investing in some more for summer, Missguided and Zara have some absolute beauts that I am currently coveting. 

P.S The only thing that no fashion or style mag ever mentions when praising the jumpsuit, is the complete minefield that is getting out of the damn thing when you need to pee! (or maybe that's just me).

double denim , overalls, denim jumpsuit, dujouriadore

denim overall, denim jumpsuit, dujouriadore

denim onesie, dujouriadore


Jumpsuit : Thrift (Similar HERE & HERE) / Sneakers : H&M

Location: The Tube Diner, at Paintworks Bristol

Monday, 21 April 2014

Monday, 14 April 2014


Monsoon embelished jacket; clashing prints

New City, amazing new shoot locations, Bristol I love you already!

I am really taken with this whole mis-match print trend going on this season, Mother of Pearl's entire Resort 2014 collection is on my current lust list. But, until my fairy godmother prevails, I am literally living in this embellished jacket, paired with a leopard clutch, it's a nice print mash-up without being too full on (I'm building up to a head-to-toe clash.) 

crop top; embellished jacket, plait crown

dujouriadore; plait crown

monsoon; embellished jacket; crop top; leopard clutch

print jacket; leopard clutch

dujouriadore; embellished jacket; leopard clutch

 Jacket & Clutch : Monsoon (outlet) / Jeans : Boohoo / 
Flatforms : RiverIsland (Similar Here)

Thursday, 3 April 2014


Spring is here, summer is on the way but it's still mighty chilly, the answer .... LAYERS! The magazine and fashion bods always say this as if it is incredibly easy to look awesome wearing 50 items at a time   but I never seem to pull it off in a way that doesn't make me look like I fell out of my wardrobe backwards. 
However, I may have had a a moment of brilliance, or I may be delusional if I am please don't pop my bubble for a few more days, the double jacket combo! I love it, stonewash denim jacket with a lovely leather biker. It gives a great collar combo, especially with a semi-sheer white shirt, I think I'm going to pair it with a striped crop and pastel mid-skirt next...
Any other layering combos throw 'em at me I'm on a roll! 

dujouriadore; rings

Double jackets; two jackets; Collars; denim; leather; leopard; dujouriadore

Leather biker : Zara / Denim Jacket & Shirt: Primark / Leopard Collar : John Lewis / 
Jeans : River Island / Sneakers: H&M