Sunday, 28 December 2014


Hope you all had a beautiful Christmas, here are a few snaps from my annual festive jaunt to the beach. This year we ventured to Exmouth, where CRAZY people go for an organised Christmas morning swim! This has become somewhat of a family tradition (the walk not the swimming!) braved rain or shine, I got totally drenched just before these were taken, hence the wayward hair! 
shearling coat; sheepskin coat; dujouriadore

amy-louise salter; superdry; beach; jumper dress; dujouriadore

dujouriadore; amy-louise salter; superdry

Shearling Coat : Vintage / Jumper Dress : Superdry / Boots : Dr Marten / 
Socks : Superdry

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Leather & Knit

Superdry, dujouriadore, leather trousers

How gorgeous are these leather trousers from Superdry, I've worn them so much the boy actually had the cheek to ask me if I was stuck in them. The detailing on the knees & the rose gold zips are just to die for. The jumper's pretty special too, got to love a classic knit in the run up to Christmas. 

 Jumper & Leather Trousers : Superdry / Trainers : Nike Janoski / Bag : Accessorize