Saturday, 7 December 2013

Simply Said

leather trousers double breast coat

Let me introduce you to my new trews, I don't really know if I can pull them off, but they were an absolute bargain and I kinda love them, so I've decided they do! Half the battle with clothes and wearing new trends is having the confidence to wear them, well I think so anyway. So wear them I shall, in fact have been pretty much every day since they accidentally jumped into my arms when I was supposed to be Christmas shopping! Oops!
Nehoo, I have worn them almost non stop since, I like pairing them with a boyfriend tee and a causal jacket and of course the obligatory beanie. In fact that probably goes for most items in my wardrobe!

leather trousers and wool coat

red beanie

leather trouser high top trainers

double breasted coat

Jacket : M&S (Similar Here & Here) / Top : Topshop / Trousers : USC / 
Trainers & Sunglasses : RiverIsland / Beanie : Nixon